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Tooth decay is often caused by bacteria growing in your mouth and exploiting the tooth enamel as a result of poor oral hygiene habits. By detecting tooth decay early, Dr. Kent Stasney and Dr. Christy Stasney may be able to save the tooth with a simple dental filling. However, if the tooth decay spreads, the tooth enamel may become too damaged for a filling to be an effective treatment option. Instead, they may recommend a dental crown to treat a badly decayed tooth.

To assess the severity of the decay and determine if a dental crown is needed, our dentist begins by examining the tooth. A root canal may also be needed if tooth decay has reached the dental pulp or tooth root. Root canal treatment includes removing the decayed structure before restoring the health of the tooth with synthetic materials.

Next, we will create a detailed impression of the area, which we will send to a dental lab in order to have your final crown made. In the meantime, we will cement a temporary crown over the tooth’s abutment to provide protection.

When we have received your permanent dental crown, we will contact you to schedule a second appointment. During this visit, we will remove the temporary crown and cement the new crown onto the abutment, using a strong dental-grade cement.

To learn more about a dental crown in Slidell, Louisiana, you are welcome to call 985-643-4553 and schedule an appointment with our dentist at our office.