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Our patients visit [practice] with specific periodontal needs, and we are pleased to offer cutting-edge treatments to help them regain their healthy smiles after gum disease and gum recession. You can overcome the effects of severe gum recession by receiving highly advanced periodontal laser therapy.

When periodontitis attacks your smile, it exposes the tooth roots by causing the gums to pull away from the teeth. Our dentists at Slidell Family Dental Care may recommend the use of a periodontal laser to treat gum recession by removing the disease areas of the gums and promotion healthier gum tissue instead.

Dr. Kent Stasney and Dr. Christy Stasney perform periodontal laser therapy by using the periodontal laser to remove the unhealthy gum tissue and reveal the bacteria underneath, which is also removed before smoothing the areas around the tooth roots to keep future infections away and give the gums time to promote healthy tissues.

You may deeply appreciate these qualities of periodontal laser therapy:

– Anesthetic is not required.

– Treatment is more accurate and precise.

– The laser is more conservative than receiving oral surgery.

– Your recovery time is often significantly shorter.

For further information on periodontal laser therapy in Slidell, Louisiana, and to schedule your visit to Slidell Family Dental Care, contact our team at 985-643-4553 today.